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Idealism and pragmatism are weighed and both found necessary to survival in Brooklyn. Although having money makes for an A tree grows in brooklyn thesis life, in many cases, the most lovable characters in the book are impoverished, or come from a poor background.

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In A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Francie is able to fulfill the American dream that her father instilled in her in Chapter 25 when he took her to Bushwick Avenue and showed her the mansions and the opportunities for wealth that awaits all immigrants.

Although she wants to use her salary to start high school in the fall, Katie decides to send Neeley instead, reasoning that he will only continue learning if he is forced into it, while Francie will find a way to do it on her own. Nearly every anecdote, character, and chapter represents or addresses the problem of poverty in early twentieth-century America.

The family can survive until the children receive their diplomas; then the children can work. When Johnny learns that Katie is pregnant once again, he falls into a depression that leads to his death from alcoholism-induced pneumonia on Christmas Day The Nolans are financially restricted by poverty yet find ways to enjoy life and satisfy their needs and wants.

His alcoholism has made it difficult for him to hold a steady job, and he sees himself as a disappointment to his family as a result. The continual references to the pains of childbirth also makes visible the idea that women have few sexual health choices; a lack of sexual consciousness, birth control, and technological advances forces them into this experience of pain and suffering.

He is not a complete failure at life, though. One may also think about this theme in terms of geographic spaces. She has never once considered that her father might die, so his death destroys the innocent expectation that her father would always be there to care for her.

Book Five[ edit ] As Book Five begins in the fall of this same year, Francie, now almost 17, quits her teletype job. Unlike Sissy, Evy has had only one marriage and is not assumed to be promiscuous. Katie has an epiphany part way through the book when she looks at her children who believe that their life is good—who are happy with a Christmas tree and vulgar neighbors and a humble life.

Every activity, game, action is planned around a li mited pool of resources. During the summer after graduation from elementary school, Francie begins to work at a factory that produces what?

InKatie accepts a marriage proposal from Michael McShane, a retired police officer who has long admired her and has become a wealthy businessman and politician since leaving the force. Before she enters school for the first time, Francie imagines how wonderful school with be; because of this expectation, the reality when it occurs in Chapters 19 and 20 is disappointing.

She is also nearly a victim of a sexual attack in Chapter 33 by a rapist-murderer. She keeps her right arm covered at all times to hide scars from a childhood accident with a tub of scalding water.

Francie is symbolized by the "Tree of Heaven" that flourishes under the most unlikely urban circumstances. Kate makes a promise to herself that her daughter must never learn of her preference for Neeley.

The American Dream The American dream was an important motivating factor in the immigrant experience. She witnesses the stoning of an unmarried mother in Chapter 30 and wonders how women can turn against one another. For example, in Chapter 27, both children give Katie a Christmas gift.

Johnny loves his wife and his children, but he is unable to function as the husband and father they deserve. Sissy is kind, compassionate and beautiful, and many men fall in love with her.

Although the novel may seem rather tame to modern readers, there are a surprising number of implicit references to sex and sexuality. Equipped with proper tools, statistical software, and sources of reference, we write dissertations and theses that are one-of-a-kind, innovative, accurate, and up-to-date.

For example, Francie can become intoxicated just by looking at flowers. Because she does not have a high school diploma, Francie must take the college entrance exam, which she passes. Johnny is weak, unable to survive in the crushing poverty in which the family lives. The author often juxtaposes the lower class with people of privilege to further develop this theme.

Because Johnny is an alcoholic and can rarely hold down a job, Katie becomes the family breadwinner by cleaning apartment buildings.

She also realizes that her mother is not always right about everything.“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn deserves to be thought of as one of the greatest American novels.” (The New Yorker) “One of the most cherished of American ultimedescente.com is the Dickensian novel of New York that we didn’t think we had.”/5(K).

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a semi-autobiographical novel written by Betty Smith. The story focuses on an impoverished but aspirational adolescent girl and her family living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, during the first two decades of the 20th century.

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An Analysis of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a Novel by Betty Smith. 1, words. 2 pages. An Overview of Francie and Her Relationship With Her Parents in the Novel Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.

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