An analysis of the problem of school violence and the shooting in westside elementary school

In spite of this outside influence, the Jonesboro Sun was recognized in as one of two Pulitzer Prize finalists for the Breaking News Reporting category. Within the same school year as the shooting, Johnson was assigned in-school suspension three times and was criminally charged for molesting a two-year-old girl.

Trying to Understand School Shootings

An estimated 3 million American children are exposed to shootings per year. I want you guys to remember me for who I was before this.

It is unknown whether Johnson or Golden had any knowledge of the details of this attack, but the similarity and timing is remarkable. In fact, with Johnson attending the seventh grade and Golden attending the sixth grade, the students only shared bus rides to and from school. Incidents in which guns were brought into schools but not discharged are not included.

While UT Austin and Columbine are landmark examples, from tothere have been 45 school shootings. This attack, just over one year later, is the only other multi-suspect incident involving students attacking fellow classmates.

Everytown tracks every time a firearm discharges a live round inside or into a school building or on or onto a school campus or grounds, as documented by the press.

The police discovered that the boys were attempting to make their way back to a van parked almost half a mile away from the school.

Children exposed to violence, crime, and abuse are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol ; suffer from depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder ; fail or have difficulties in school; and engage in criminal activity. On his birthday, August 11,Johnson pleaded guilty to all charges. Although Judge Wilson added additional time to their sentences due to the aggravated circumstances and weapons violations, both suspects were scheduled for release upon their twenty-first birthdays for Johnson and for Golden.

By all accounts, the two suspects were not close friends. Describe your issue Have a question not already answered in the links at left or on our main FAQ page? Over the last year, fusion centers in several states have released studies, deriving useful information from aggregate analysis that can actually help the public understand the phenomenon of school shootings and what drives people to engage in this sort of seemingly random violence.

Final Remarks Available ebook formats: Almost 9, mourners attended, including Janet Reno, the attorney general of the United States. And the school I attend is even worse.

The students and teachers had returned from spring break the day before the shooting. Analysis Of Other Security Sectors: This study examines how educators, first responders, and law enforcement should respond to school shooters today using threat-assessment processes and facility security upgrades.

The incident at Westside Middle School was not the first school shooting to occur in the state. On December 15,a fifteen-year-old student in Stamps Lafayette County conducted a similar ambush-style attack, firing upon students from a nearby wooded area.

InArkansas did not have a provision in the law that would allow juveniles to serve life sentences for heinous crimes. This act allowed prosecutors to charge juveniles under the age of fourteen as adults for offenses of capital murder and first-degree murder, and to include adult sentencing guidelines commensurate with the seriousness of the offense.

In rapid succession, Golden and Johnson fired thirty rounds at the group. When it comes to how American children are exposed to gun violencegunfire at schools is just the tip of the iceberg—every year, over 2, children and teens are shot and killed and nearly 14, more are shot and injured.

Media reports are the primary source of the information provided. A map of school shootings throughout the U. They first became a recognized problem in American society in the s and have since continued to increase in frequency and severity. This alarm was triggered by eleven-year-old Andrew Golden, who, shortly after activating the alarm, joined thirteen-year-old Mitchell Johnson in a field adjacent to the school.

December 4,pp. Casualty numbers from school shootings have steadily increased sinceand even though such shootings are rarer than homicide, mass murder, and off-campus violence, they have a great impact on a community.

Communal Response to the Jonesboro School Shootings. The community eventually erected a memorial garden on the campus but away from the actual location of the shooting. However, apparently unbeknownst to his family, Golden reportedly demonstrated violence by firing his BB gun at animals and other children.

Confronting Our Culture of Violence. Witnessing shootings — whether in their schools, their communities or their homes— can have a devastating impact.

The ruling was seen as largely symbolic; neither Golden nor Johnson appeared in court to contest the judgment, and they are unlikely ever to be able to pay the amount.

More This mid report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. Fellow students reported that Johnson was bullish and bragged about being in a gang. Attacks in Sandy Hook Elementary School and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have focused demands for change, and school and law enforcement procedures have not yet adapted to the rising threat.

The events that unfolded on March 24,at Westside Middle School catapulted Jonesboro into the national and international spotlight because of concerns about the growing number of school shootings during the late s.2, regular public elementary, middle, secondary, and combined public schools.

It was designed to provide an This report provides the first analysis of the SSOCS. Patterns of School Violence During the – school year, 7 percent of public. I have chosen to do my research paper over juvenile violence in schools, mainly school shootings.

School violence is a serious problem, especially in public schools. Improving the quality of the American education system is difficult without also addressing school violence, since regardless of how /5(20).

School violence is defined as anything that jeopardizes a school's educational mission. This includes bullying, fights, assault, harassment, and even shootings. Over the years, there has been an increase in cases. death and mass violence in u.s. k schools a compendium of media accounts MASS VIOLENCE INCIDENTS BY STATE ABOUT THIS GRAPHIC This graphic is part of a larger report on school violence produced by the Rural School and Community Trust.

Westside School Shooting In the early afternoon of March 24,two students from Westside Middle School, located approximately two miles west of Jonesboro (Craighead County), conducted an armed ambush on teachers and students, which resulted in five dead and ten others injured.

completed suicide — in 4 incidents after shooting someone else.

In 4 other incidents, no one was injured. 6 ELEMENTARY 5 17 ANALYSIS OF SCHOOL SHOOTINGS DECEMBER 15, — FEBRUARY 10, 8/22/ Memphis TN Westside Elementary School 5 8/23/ Sardis MS North Panola High School 17, 21,

An analysis of the problem of school violence and the shooting in westside elementary school
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