Auditorium power saving and controlling system using ir

When any one audience goes to the out side of the auditorium, he cuts the second and first IR rays. Through this way auditorium appliances are controlled automatically depends upon the audience presents in the auditorium.

But sometimes due to the weather conditions, we need to operate them in between the show. IR remote acts as the transmitter in this project. The realy output is directly connected to appliance. This project is designed with two set of IR transmitter and receiver, signal conditioning unit, micro controller and driver circuit with relays.

This project makes the automatic auditorium and industries. Now, it is the job of the controller to receive the signal from the receiver and perform the necessary action.

And even the wires associated to these lights and fans will be running on the floors and in the dark, the audience may feel inconvenience while walking out or coming inside the auditorium as they slip down.

This signal is sent to the microcontroller which decodes the signal and performs the corresponding action in accordance with the button pressed in the remote. In our project we are using two set of IT transmitter and receiver.

Whenever any light or fan has to be controlled, he just presses the button associated to that particular load in the remote. Thus the operator sits at one place in the auditorium having the IR remote in his hand. Depends upon the number of audience, micro controller activated the relay driver circuit to turn on, turn off the relays.

Now micro controllers decrement the one count value. This IR receiver will be fixed at all the fans and lights in the auditorium. In micro controller we have already programmed.

Initially when supply is on, both the two set of IR transmitter transmitting rays to the receiver. One important point is that both IR transmitter and receiver it placed in the straight line to each other.

The corresponding count value is displayed on the LCD display, which is equal to number of audience in present in the auditorium. The output from each receiver is given to the controller. Now micro controller, increment the one count value. To avoid all these problems, we have designed a project that completely eliminates cable wires and the operators to operate the lights and fans in the auditorium.

When any one audience entered inside the entrance door, he cuts the first and second IR rays; the corresponding signal is given to micro controller through signal conditioning unit.

This may create inconvenience to the audience while the operators move here and there to operate the lights or fans. One set of IR Transmitter and receiver is placed in the entrance door another one set is placed after some distance of the first one.

The fans and light in the auditorium are controlled depends upon the number of audience present in auditorium. Automatic Auditorium Controller Abstract The objective of this project is to control the auditorium and an industrial application depends upon the number of audience in the auditorium.

The IR receiver receives this signal and the output is fed to the microcontroller.Automatic Real Time Auditorium Power Supply Control using Image Processing - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. auditorium controlling system using ir In auditoriums, the lights and fans will be switched on before the show so that there will be no disturbance to the audience while the program is going on.

But sometimes due to the weather conditions, we need to operate them in between the show. automatic auditorium abstract, energy saving system for auditorium abstract, auditorium controlling using ir, auditorium power saving and control by using ir, auditorium power control system using ir, ppt on smart auditorium, automatic control in auditorium.

Using this technique we monitor the changes in the auditorium through sequence of images and according to that the power supply is controlled. Image processing is a form of signal processing for which the input is an image, and the output may be either an image or, a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image [2].

Automatic Auditorium Controller Embedded Systems IEEE Project Topics, Robotics Base Paper, Synopsis, Abstract, Report, Source Code, Full PDF, Working details for Electronics Science Electical Engineering, Diploma, BTech, BE.

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Auditorium power saving and controlling system using ir
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