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Will Tree-ear live to be the new pottery man? I wrote those up in a single document and uploaded it at the end along with the picture credits and slide notes. As always for me, the most Book review a single shard part was to create a narration that was substantive enough to give adequate information on each image, while still remaining accessible for a middle school audience.

Min demands that he leave. The emissary leaves, but will return in a month to offer commissions. Tree-ear is fascinated with the potters in his village, especially Min, and often watches them work.

However, after the pottery is fired in the kiln, it all comes out with brown stains that sometimes appear in the finish. As always, the process of uploading the images and documents was a breeze.


All the potters begin working at a fast pace in order to have their best work ready to display. The day the royal emissary arrives, all the potters set up stalls on the beach filled with their work. My original p lan was to refer to image sources in the narration, but I found that this broke up the flow of the narration and decided instead to include the URL for each image source within the slide as part of the image--thus, the need for powerpoint in order to re-format each image on a background with the image source URL underneath.

This book would be good for both readers. Tree-ear is devastated by this news and afraid for his own future. Tree-ear drops one of the small boxes, shattering it on the ground. Read this book to find about the journy that Tree-ear makes to find out. Assignment To gain an introductory knowledge of some of the geography, history, setting, and themes of A Single Shard.

State some of the particular cultural highlights of the Koryo period during which A Single Shard takes place. I also included an acknowledgments slide to highlight the people and resources who were of most help in the creation!

Objectives Be able to locate Korea on a map; know that it became two separate countries after World War II; know that it has an ancient and rich history of cultural and historical accomplishments. Once again, Min works quickly to create two melon shaped vases with intricate, inlaid flowers along the side.

As Tree-ear watches, he imagines what it would be like to learn to throw a pot. Plus, the reader gets to learn a little bit about Korean pottery, which is very interesting!

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Discuss how the themes of food, scholarship, artistry, and courage are expressed in the book. Crane-man is hired to create a basket that will carry the vases without breaking them.

To pay for his mistake, Tree-ear offers to work for Min for nine days. Tree-ear reveals his attack by the robbers and then shows the single shard. The two robbers also take the vases and throw them over the edge of the cliff to the river below.

It was a good book about an orphan in the 12 century. For a long time he is content with Crane-man under a bridge, barely surviving on scrapes of food.

Once home, Tree-ear goes directly to the home of Min to tell him about the commission. Little does Tree-ear know that this difficult and dangerous journey will change his life forever.

Tree-ear will often stop at the home of Min, a potter in town who throws his clay in the backyard where Tree-ear can watch without being seen. Min agrees, sending Tree-ear to the river for clay. A Single Shard is a story of self-discovery and hope that will inspire readers of all ages.

All of that changes when Tree-ear sees master potter Min making his beautiful pottery. When accidentally breaks a pit, he must work for the master to pay for the damage.Taylor M. (readingqueen) reviewed A Single Shard on 1/23/ + 13 more book reviews Helpful Score: 3 This was a very good book.

The book a single shard written by Linda sue park was inspirational and good view but i frowned upon the way this message was delivered and in what setting i did not like it. the books overall plot could have been more developed in a more up to time situation/5.

"A Single Shard" follows the story of Tree-ear, an orphan in twelfth century Korea who begins an apprenticeship with a master potter. While that brief rundown might make the book seem boring, it’s anything but. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for A Single Shard at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

A Single Shard › Customer reviews; Customer reviews. out of 5 stars. out of 5 stars.

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5 star: 67%: 4 star: 22%: since there are already excellent reviews of this book on the. A Single Shard is the Newberry Award winning novel by Linda Sue Park. In this novel, Tree-ear is an orphan who lives under a bridge with Crane-man, a physically disabled man who took him in when Tree-ear was only a small child.

Tree-ear is fascinated with the potters in his village, especially Min. A Single Shard- Book Review. STUDY. PLAY. a prunus. a vase used to display a single branch of flowering plum.

A Single Shard

people. a source of danger and help. chopping wood. first job Min gave to Tree-ear. his food bowl. Ajima filled it each day with enough food for Tree-ear and Crane-Man. a fox.

Book review a single shard
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