Bracket international the rfid decision case study

The dawn of the RFID tracking era is upon us. If a truck backs into a dump zone and then is told it cannot dump, the system still registers that zone as having been dumped. An inaccurate wireless communication system logs which truck dumps at which load site, and the wrong information is recorded.

This system would allow the company to enter new assets, modify RFID numbers and information, assign new RFID numbers, and because the software is based on a Microsoft program, importing and exporting is easily doable.

Perfecting the fundamentals of the system at a very small scale, then gradually growing it is much more effective than attempting to implement a system at too wide of a scale, and causing problems.

The applications of RFID technology are endless. The company can now be certain that the data provided to them is accurate and that the aggregate at any dump site is being recorded accordingly.

RFID readers Polarized antennae and mounting brackets Tri-color light stacks Hardware to transmit signal to a camera Strategy of Implementation To ensure the success of any RFID project, primary testing of the idea is vital, and the implementation of the solution must be at a very limited scope.

They have even been able to erase uncertainty of which bay the aggregate was dumped in, due to the RFID tracking software provided. This means that if a truck must drive past dump Site A to get to Site B, it will log the wrong site.

The majority of costs lie in the RFID reader and tag equipment and in the software and its installation, but the benefits far outweigh the investments.

The biggest problem with this system is the uncertainty that a dump occurred in the location that a given truck said it did. The implementation process of the proposed system will proceed in the following phases: After implementing the system at one location, the company has seen the eradication of this problem, and has achieved automated photography of their aggregate, giving them the ability to analyze all of the material processed through that dump site.

This software can collect information in one database from up to 20 different dispersed RFID readers, all of which can be uniquely identified from each other.

The craziest part is, as they become more effective and widely applicable, they will only become cheaper.

The problem is that the current system is not triggered by the actual dumping, but by the location of the truck. The inaccuracy of the data provided is unacceptable for a business of their size and prowess, and an automated photography system will provide easy access data with capability of analysis.

An optional, but highly recommended addition to this software is a customized front end Graphical User Interface GUI that will give the company a much more user friendly environment with which to interact with the database.

The system would require: For more information about asset management Tags: The system has solved their problems so effectively that they plan to roll it out to other dump site locations soon. The company also photographs the dumping process in order to analyze the material being processed, but the system has no way to automatically trigger the cameras or associate photographs with any specific load.

The software will allow for modified viewing modes, and provide the user with sort, filter, query, and report generation features when working with the database results.View Homework Help - Bracket International from BUSINESS at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota.

Bracket International- The RFID Decision With technology changing constantly the Find Study Resources. This Question is from Case: Bracket International – The RFID Decision Case Study Note: Information given in question is not complete, so referred to this case from Book OM5 by David Alan Collier, James R.

Evans, page no. International marketing is an expansionary version of a locally produced marketing plan which takes into account marketing identification, targeting, and decisions internationally.

It is essential for global marketing teams to understand and perceive the local cultures, trend and traditions to ensure efficient marketing campaign. Bracket international - the RFID decision case study Montomar Meijer and RFID Barcode RFID Benefits: Prevent overstock Speed up distribution process.

The company Bracket International has grown 78 million last year with a cost of goods sold of 61 million. Currently there are three locations in Ohio, Kentucky, and South Carolina. At the Ohio and Kentucky factories are automated flow shops and South Carolina factory focuses on small custom orders and is more of a batched process.

RFID readers; Passive RFID tags; Polarized antennae and mounting brackets; Tri-color light stacks; Hardware to transmit signal to a camera; Strategy of Implementation. To ensure the success of any RFID project, primary testing of the idea is vital, and the implementation of the solution must be at a very limited scope.

Bracket international the rfid decision case study
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