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It also suggests that the expansion of opportunities for Lutherans and Catholics to receive Holy Communion together would be a sign of the agreements already reached.

I have finally decided to post this question in this forum because of the thoughtfulness and love for non-Catholic Christians I have seen in your other responses. Catholic lutheran topics the Baptist is the same guy now as when I was Benedict the Baptist. Goodness knows I sometimes get impatience with those who possess brains which are… uh… how can I put this… Uh, never mind.

My concern is that I have seen a condescending and hateful attitude toward Protestants in many Catholic congregations, although this is not necessarily taught in the Catholic faith.

Currently we attend my church one week and his church the other. November 8, at 8: I promise you, that prayer will not go unanswered. Unfortunately we have our uncharitable group of Catholics as well.

In no way do I want my children to pick up that attitude. I am content with this arrangement for now and for the future, but he feels that it is completely unsuitable for children.

Catholic Lutheran Topics

My question is regarding marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic Lutheran and the subsequent religious life of their children. They both were loving and caring people,he would go to his Lutheran and her to the Catholic Church so I guess it can be done.

As approaces, the th anniversary of the Reformation, this witness to growing unity gives a powerful message to a world where conflict and division often seem to drown out more positive messages of hope and reconciliation The document also indicates differences still remaining between Lutherans and Catholics and indicates possible ways forward.

November 10, at 2: The declaration is so exciting because it shows us 32 important points where already we can say there are not church-dividing issues between us, and it gives us both hope and direction for the future," she said. Point being, as long as you are charitable, most likely they will be also.

Pray to God with an open and sincere heart, asking for direction in your faith.

Catholic-Lutheran Marriage

The main problem between my boyfriend and I in planning our future together is the question of how our children will be raised. Although there are things I disagree with in the Catholic faith, I am respectful of it and believe that there are many very good things about it.

Hope you enjoy it here. November 8, at 7: November 10, at 5: It is important to me to expose them to the Lutheran Church also.

We would go to my church one weekend and her church the following weekend. We were in the same dilemma as you are right now. Before I go off screwing humility yet again. November 8, at 3: How did they handle the mixed family? With the JDDJ, the LWF and the Catholic Church agreed to a common understanding of the doctrine of justification and declared that certain 16th century condemnations of each other no longer apply.

Catholics and Lutherans Release ‘Declaration on the Way’ to Full Unity

After much praying, she was ready to open herself up to the will of God. Converts tend to be the most conciliatory towards Protestants due to experience. This Declaration on the Way represents in concrete form an opportunity for Lutherans and Catholics to join together now in a unifying manner on a way finally to full communion," said Bishop Denis J.

What you percieve as looking down on your Lutheranism might simply be normal, everyday arrogance.Hello everyone! I was raised Catholic, but I've been doing some soulsearching and haven't been "active" in over a year.

At the conclusion of a historic ecumenical celebration in Lund, Sweden, Pope Francis and the general-secretary of the world's Lutheran churches agreed to work together for a shared Eucharist.

Catholic Lutheran Topics BY Hilt-madman Demean Tested-Benefit Write 2 paragraphs on the Lutheran Views of each topic: Lutheran views on Grace: Grace is known and viewed as the central doctrine for all Lutheran. The ELCA Conference of Bishops' Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Liaison Committee and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs Committee commemorate the th anniversary of the Reformation by signing a joint statement during a Lutheran-Catholic service of Common Prayer.

Nov 14,  · My question is regarding marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic (Lutheran) and the subsequent religious life of their children. The main problem between my boyfriend and I in planning our future together is the question of how our children will be raised.

Lutherans, Catholics 'on the way' to greater unity.

Catholic and Lutheran

10/30/ PM A significant outcome of the Lutheran-Catholic dialogue in the United States and internationally is the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of It does not claim that the resolution of all the differences between Catholics and Lutherans on the topics of church.

Catholic lutheran topics
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