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In order to promote health system, nurses are trained to provide assessment to the individuals. The healthy lifestyle can only be maintained by ceasing unfit habits. She then left me in the room to give the results to the physician, who after looking at the results and my tonsils let me know that the only alternative was to extract them by surgical means.

After looking over the data, she gave me a physical evaluation and checked my tonsils. As I described to her the symptoms, each answered was followed by a follow-up question.

The formal structure of these programs should be comprises of these integrated elements; Goals and objective should be set clearly before the achievement of program by the authority, these goals should be attainable and acceptable by the employees.

A nurse plays a very important role in the comprehensive health assessment program because she collects the data about the physical, psychological and cultural state of the person and evaluates it to make diagnosis.

She coordinates them in the process Comprehensive health assessment paper essay treatment by care. The nurses are required in this activity to examine the body of an individual medically, she takes screening tests and the patient go throw diagnosis actions.

Eventually, however, the time came for me to see a physician and get his opinion. This development of alternative improves the authentication of procedures that provide better solution. The temperature in the room was at a comfortable level which made me not as tense about my problem for which I came to see them.

My last visit to a physician was a textbook example of what is right in the healthcare field today. They consult people to enhance their abilities and to lead them to accept the plans and implement it in their life.

The goal of these programs is to assist individual to have a vigorous life. In some cases, the best thing a nurse can do is to stay silent; case in point being after a nurse asks a question and only gets a partial answer, some silence might be useful in order to let the patient collect his or her thoughts and continue answering.

Non-verbal cues might be useful to the nurse when she is treating a victim of domestic violence.

Health Assessment Essay

In this event individual, community or both individual and community can be targeted for the health assessment. She identifies the strength of a person in having a better lifestyle. This in turn might prove, abuse, neglect, physical harassment, etc.

Comprehensive health assessment of a geriatric patient

List five key questions you used to assess social determinants. He explained to me what kind of procedure they will and how it will be done.

Comprehensive health assessment Custom Essay

Feedback will be helpful in finding the lack areas that require enhancement; it also serves as a tester to find the popularity of the program among the people of a particular community.

They guide them in their physical, mental or families related problems. But soon the problem would return. These programs help inhabitants to know their weak areas, and they required to give priority to these critical areas of health so that they can improve their life.

We will write it for you from scratch! The whole process of health assessment is very helpful in gaining a healthy life and environment [Jeanne Mager Stellman, International Labour Office, ]. In situations like these the art of nursing comes into play where a skilled nurse will be able to adjust her behavior accordingly so as not to make the patient feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

The nurse also motivates the participants to modify their habits in order to improve fitness and weight control. A person should be assigned at the post of program director that has the ability to administrate the assessment program.

Comprehensive health assessment Introduction: The participants are discouraged for their habit of smoking by the employees of health assessment program. Another symptom of the swelling, or what might have caused it, was constant sickness with flu-like and cold-like symptoms around the time of this occurring.Related Documents: Comprehensive Health Assessment Essay health assessment posted termpaper Family Health Assessment Family Health Assessment Initial assessment of an individual and family is key in knowing how to administer any form of care.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the results of a comprehensive health assessment on a patient of my choosing. This comprehensive assessment included the patient’s complete health history and a head-to-toe physical examination. Running head: A COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH ASSESSMENT OF M. H.

comprehensive health assessment paper

1 A Comprehensive Health Assessment of M. H. Nicole M. Henneberg Empire State College A COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH ASSESSMENT OF M.

Essay on Comprehensive Health Assessment

H. 2 The purpose of this paper is to discuss the results of a comprehensive health assessment on a patient of my choosing.

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Jul 28,  · A nurse health assessment is a program in which she collects data systematically and analyzes the composed data to find out the degree of healthiness and the correctness of life style of a person, family or the whole community. Comprehensive health assessment Custom Essay Describe the elements of a comprehensive health assessment of a geriatric patient.

What special considerations should the nurse keep in mind while performing this assessment.

Comprehensive health assessment paper essay
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