Essay on reasons for iraq war

There are, of course, excellent arguments against the war. Removing Saddam Hussain meant removing a threat to the Iranian regime.

Reasons for Iraq War

Instead of staying in Iraq to guide and protect that process—as Obama had promised to do in —Obama abandoned the Iraqi people.

The act made it official U.

The 8 Main Reasons for War

Rumsfeld dated November 27, considers a US-Iraq war. And, Secretary Wolfowitz, in your almost hour-long testimony here this morning, once—only once did you mention weapons of mass destruction, and that was an ad lib.

They wished to inject American values in the authoritarian society of Iraq. Secondly, America did not keep its promise of a peace settlement between Palestine and Israel.

Both Kay and Duelfer stated that the chemical weapons found were not the "weapons of mass destruction" that the U. Iraq could be demonized without difficulty and had several weak points that made it easily conquerable. Feitha close ally of Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld—purposely manipulated evidence to strengthen the case for war.

Russian experts Essay on reasons for iraq war the likelihood of such mobile facilities, which are extremely dangerous and difficult to manage. As Iran and Iraq did not want American supremacy over them so they started evading from the remoteness inflicted on them by the United States.

No evidence was found for continued active production of WMD subsequent Essay on reasons for iraq war the imposition of sanctions inthough "[b]y —, Saddam had managed to mitigate many of the effects of sanctions".

Baghdad has the capability and, we presume, the will to use biological, chemical, or radiological weapons against US domestic targets in the event of a US invasion.

These are conflicts that are fought indirectly between opposing powers in a third country. Revenge also relates to nationalism, as the people of a country which has been wronged are motivated to fight back by pride and spirit. In their efforts to thwart insurgents acquiring these weapons, Polish troops purchased two rockets on June 23, There can be little doubt that the spirit is the principal cause of war across the centuries.

A strategic map of central Europe from One section of the memo questions "How start? This created hurdles in the smoothening of relationships between the United States and the Arab world. The survey ultimately concluded that Iraqi production of WMD ceased and all major stockpiles were destroyed in when economic sanctions were imposed, but that the expertise to restart production once sanctions were lifted was preserved.

American nation was so proud of its right to set Iraq free. They hoped that such a scenario would undermine the confidence of the Arab world.

Revenge Seeking to punish, redress a grievance, or simply strike back for a perceived slight can often be a factor in the waging of war. Iraq war critics such as former weapons inspector Scott Ritter claimed that these sanctions and weapons inspections policies, supported by both the Bush and Clinton administrations, were actually intended to foster regime change in Iraq.

This global war began with an invasion of Iraq and is ongoing. Possible chemical weapons laboratories have also been found which were built subsequent to the invasion, apparently by insurgent forces. These wars led to the establishment of British colonial rule in India, which gave Britain unrestricted access to exotic and valuable resources native to the Indian continent.

These internal rifts often turn into chasms that result in violent conflict between two or more opposing groups. The situation will not get better provided the oil fields in Iraq be controlled by USA and its allies The Debate In fact, the invasion of Iraq would give America the opportunity of having control on its major financially viable resources Zumes Ultimately, Major Austin Pearson of Task Force Bullet, a task force charged with securing and destroying Iraqi ammunition after the invasion, stated that the task force had removed about tons of material from the site and had detonated it or used it to detonate other munitions.

United States also wanted its political relations with Israel to be strengthened without any constraints so the best solution was to conquer Iraq Hinnebusch African American soldiers fighting in the American Civil War.

They involve the maintenance of peace and power for those in control, in this case, the United States. This often takes the form of an invasion. But the White House press corps will ask no hard questions tonight about those claims.

The second condition is that once several liberal states appear across the world, there will be an inclination towards international principles of mutual respect and accommodation between the liberal states.3. Freeing the people of Iraq was, and is, a worthy goal.

Just a few years ago, with American and allied troops still in Iraq in significant numbers, the sectarian violence and terrorism that had plagued the country for years had begun to slow down.

Rationale for the Iraq War

- The Iran-Iraq War While the Iran-Iraq War during the 's may have permanently altered the course of progress in Iran and Iraq, the war also altered the resulting permanent involvement of the rest of the world in the middle-east.

Iran Iraq War And Implications On Gulf War Politics Essay. Print Reference this. Oil When Iraq went to war with Iran in for a number of reasons, one of them was to prevent the Islamic Revolution of Iran from extending across the Islamic world.

5 Reasons the Iraq War Was Not a Mistake

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay. Oct 06,  · In his essay "Most wars are not fought for reasons of security or material interests, but instead reflect a nation's spirit," he writes: "[Literature on war and its causes] assumes security is the principal motive of states and insecurity the major cause of ultimedescente.coms: The Iran-Iraq War Essay Words | 13 Pages.

The Iran-Iraq War While the Iran-Iraq War during the 's may have permanently altered the course of progress in Iran and Iraq, the war also altered the resulting permanent involvement of the. U.S. Invasion of Iraq- Reasons Essay. Pages: 10 ( words) It is unquestionably clear to the people in United States and the rest of the world that the war in Iraq is a failure of America.

The American people have crystal cleared their disappointment and consternation over the war in Iraq. U.S.

Causes of 2003 Us Iraq War

Invasion Of Iraq- Reasons. (

Essay on reasons for iraq war
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