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A higher score translates naturally to a better QoL, while a lower score translates to a lower QoL. The results indicated that QoL improvements due to CBT can be maintained for at least 6 months, with significant differences in the domains physical functioning, limitation due to emotional problems and mental health.

Changes obtained during the treatment Essays on insomnia still present at a 3- month follow-up. Results from this section can be used in addition to those obtained in the previous section in order to give an answer to the second research question.

However, no significant difference was seen on the PCS. A total of patients were recruited, where were randomly assigned to the group that got Eszopiclone as a medication for their insomnia and were randomly assigned to a placebo group. It is interesting for future research to explore what the factors are besides treatment that may help towards an improvement in QoL of insomniacs.

Secondary insomnia is a sleep condition that accompanies another health condition such as cancer, arthritis, or asthma. Lastly, depression, a feeling of great sadness, is also a psychological problem that causes insomnia.

I was able to understand what insomnia really is. For example, some people say that when they drink too much or become obviously drunk, they often sleep badly.

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One Essays on insomnia by Sasai et al. The previously presented studies show that except for one study Fornal-Paw?? In this study, primary insomniacs were compared to a placebo group to measure the effects of 6 months of nightly use of the hypnotic Eszopiclone on the QoL.

QoL of these two groups were measured before the study began and after the 1st, 3rd and 6th month. Nowadays, there are many people have some diseases, health matter, so they use some kinds of drug, such as: One of the hypotheses is that patients receiving telephone-delivered CBT would show greater improvements on QoL.

If your insomnia is accompanied by another health concern your treatment may vary. National Library of Medicine, 01 Jan.

Moreover, 3 months after the therapy has ended the domains energy, social functioning and role limitations due to emotional problems where at the same level as that of healthy controls. In a more recent study by Scalo et al. An overview of which domains of QoL are negatively affected by insomnia will make it possible to see if improvements on a specific domain after treatment are due to the actual positive effects of the treatment itself or if that domain is normally not affected by insomnia.

Besides from being a psychological problem, insomnia can also cause problems on the physical aspects of a person. This provides the opportunity to see which domains of QoL are more negatively affected in insomnia and at the same time provide an answer to the first research question.

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Furthermore, mild insomnia was also associated with significantly lower scores on QoL when compared to good sleepers. The three psychological causes of insomnia are anxiety, depression, and stress.

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For example, if CBT is most effective in people who have been suffering from insomnia less than one year, or if medication is more effective in females than in males. Some events or factors which affect insomnia are jet lag, working the night shifts, medications, environmental noise and extreme temperatures.

Results showed that patients with chronic insomnia reported a significantly lower QoL on all domains of Essays on insomnia SF when compared to good sleepers.

Essays on insomnia known are also some other psychological effects of continuous sleep deprivation, such as the loss of concentration, deceptions of perception, thinking integrity violation, hallucinations, and irreversible psychological and neurological damage.

Only the three abovementioned questionnaires were considered for the present study, considering that this way it can be easier to compare QoL scores in one study with those of other studies.

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Therefore, if these patients were put in the same group their scores on QoL could show an average effect Leger, et al. Discussion In this study, different studies were reviewed with the attempt to answer the questions regarding which domains of QoL are negatively affected in insomniacs when compared to good sleepers and if CBT for insomnia improves more domains of QoL compared with the use of medication for insomnia.

In addition, the domains vitality, social functioning, role limitation due to emotional problems and mental health were the ones most negatively affected. Results showed that participants with severe symptoms of insomnia scored significantly lower on all 8 domains when compared to the mild insomniacs and the good sleepers.

Hence, the first aim of this study is to investigate which domains of QoL are affected in people with primary insomnia that do not use any treatment when compared to good sleepers.

It can cause difficulties in concentrating, mood swings, and lack of energy. For more detail, they say that they sleep for two or three hours and then they wake up and can be able to sleep again.

The highest risk of early death was observed among individuals with the chronic early-awakening type of insomnia, as well as among those who experienced difficulties with sleep maintenance meaning these people had problems with the continuity and integrity of sleep, as well as with getting back to sleep once awoken.HOME Free Essays Causes and Effects of Sleeplessness.

Causes and Effects of Sleeplessness Essay. B Pages:3 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay Hire Writer. As a consequence of insomnia, there is people’s resistance to illness and disease, increasing negative emotion, despairs and wrecks their appearance.

Besides, if. Insomnia is defined as, "the perception or complaint of inadequate or poor-quality sleep because of one or more of the following: difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night with difficulty returning to sleep, waking up too early in the morning, or unrefreshing sleep" (McKinley Health Center).

Insomnia Essay examples Words | 9 Pages “Insomnia is the inability to obtain adequate amount or quality of sleep. The difficulty can be with falling asleep, remaining asleep, or both” (“Insomnia. Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders which is characterized by complaints regarding difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and/or waking up too early without being able to return to sleep (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 5,).

Free insomnia papers, essays, and research papers. Symptoms and Effects of Primary Insomnia - Symptoms and Effects of Primary Insomnia Insomnia is defined as a "difficulty in initiating or maintaining a restorative sleep that results in fatigue, the severity of persistence of which causes clinically significant distress or impairment in functioning" (VandenBos,p.

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). The cause of Insomnia can be divided into two categories, which are Primary Insomnia and Secondary Insomnia. Primary Insomnia usually happens without a symptom or side effect from medical condition. This type of Insomnia usually happens with a minimum period of one month.

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