Needle in the hay song analysis

This is a noticeable transition from the largely straightforward camera angles throughout the majority of the scene which further emphasizes the chaos of the moment. Steam from the hot water can be seen in the background, contributing to the dark, intimate, and eery atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the scene displays both his figurative and physical transformations.

Elliott Smith - Needle in The Hay Lyrics

He had been away for a year, living on a boat, harboring his forbidden love for Margot. See film still 2. As he cuts, a series of rapid jump cuts create a montage of flashbacks of his pet falcon Mordechai who flew away and never returned, his childhood with Margot and then her as an adult.

The camera shows a close-up of his hands fingering the razor blade. It quickly tilts downward and then around to show a degree view of the body. Although composed of numerous overlapping images, Anderson accents Margot by showing her repeatedly and for a longer duration in the final shot of the flashback, implying her significance to him.

The mood of the scene is established largely with the help of the soundtrack. The blue tint which persists throughout the entire scene conveys his emotions in a manner which also absorbs the viewer into experiencing his sorrow.

Each member of the Tenenbaum family wears the same outfit with few exceptions throughout the entirety of the film.

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This medium close-up shot of Richie is used consistently to show the misery in his facial expression. This represents a cursory reflection on his former self. The snipping of the scissors, for example, although consistent with the action onscreen, would have distracted from the song.

The Royal Tenenbaums Wes Anderson, Finally, the music resumes as a team of doctors hurriedly wheel him down the hallway of a hospital in a stretcher.

The tempo of the shots also plays an important role in establishing a rhythm, adding to the artistic value of the scene. The viewer becomes fully immersed in the soundtrack due to the lack of foley sounds in the scene.

Richie, for example, sports a tennis polo, blazer, headband, wristbands, and sunglasses even after the conclusion of his athletic career, reflecting his very static place and mindset in life.

The light foreshadows hope and the possibility of Richie surviving. This exemplifies the importance of framing the central figure in the composition of a shot. Before he begins shaving, he turns on a light above him, which far from lightening the mood, simply calls more attention to his anguished expression.

See film still 3.

The mirror reflection offers a point of view shot for the viewer. The subsequent shots over his shoulder in which we see his mirror reflection truly offer point of view shots in which Anderson forces us to look at Richie as he views himself, both literally through the mirror and symbolically by conveying his despair through his staging choices, such as color and lighting.

See film still 1. He opens his mouth as if to scream, but no sound can be heard. A jump cut more rapid than the others reveals a fleeting image of Richie before he cut his hair. This discontinuous editing calls attention to itself due to the manner in which each cut was spliced together.

Furthermore, the close-up is key to viewing the jump cuts which show the progression of his haircut. The camera then switches to the other side of the bathroom, acting as more of an observer as we watch Richie sink to the floor.

The camera angle is also radically altered when Dudley finds Richie.Mar 23,  · The snipping of the scissors, for example, although consistent with the action onscreen, would have distracted from the song.

Thus, by incorporating “Needle in the Hay” as the exclusive source of sound in the scene, rather than just as a background accompaniment, Anderson emphasizes it’s role in setting the tone. "Needle in the Hay" Song Analysis Essays: Over"Needle in the Hay" Song Analysis Essays, "Needle in the Hay" Song Analysis Term Papers, "Needle in the Hay" Song Analysis Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. About “Needle in the Hay” A classic Elliott Smith song featured both on a Kill Rock Stars 7" and his eponymous second LP. Smith employs heroin as a metaphor here and on many songs on the album.

Lyrics to "Needle In The Hay" song by Elliott Smith: Your hand on his arm Haystack charm around your neck Strung out and thin Calling some friend trying. This is an amazing song that he supposedly wrote while trying to recover from his drug addiction. Note the title, 'Needle in the Hay', which is probably in reference to, what else, the lost cause of trying to find a needle, or hope, perhaps, in this case, in.

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Needle in the hay song analysis
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