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It involves an attitude towards life when one may feel despaired and feel life is meaningless. He believes that with an increase in greatness in a man, there is a contemporaneous increase in his wickedness and terribleness. However, the way to will can be different, constructive or destructive.

With a right balance with the Apollonion and with the right use, a burst of creativity is the result. Even though it is mentioned very briefly only in the prologue of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, it might be sensible to conceive that Nietzsche had something in his mind about how a man Nietzsches superman essay be more than just human-all-too-human, regardless if he was one or not.

This is justified because such increase in wickedness and terribleness are the Nietzsches superman essay means to bring the status of humanity to a higher state; a means to surpass himself; to move away from the lesser creature that he was; as consistent with the purpose of the Superman.

Nietzsche believed that any pity felt for the less-abled only hindered the growth of the superman. This belief is evident by the way Hitler acted during his reign as the leader of the Nazi party. Rather, although not explicitly stated, the important point is that an overman should view it differently such that Nietzsches superman essay the very same life, there has been a moment that it redeems everything else.

In his view, men are not born equal. What have you done to surpass man? He attacked Christianity for its traditional value that places bars on emotion and impulse and this is viewed by Nietzsche as self-denying.

Nietzsche himself was very much socialist in his beliefs which is evident in much of what he wrote. He views all the past actions, silly or wise, accidental or achieving, as necessity of becoming himself.

An overman, in his view, should not be restricted by tradition nor bounded by convention but has independent values of his own. Therefore, he is usually perceived superficially as an elitist which might have brought down the value of his thinking.

Its repression or suppression is psychologically disastrous. In fact, Hitler believed himself to be a superman. All these ideas had been pondered on and developed though all his works. However, I agree with Nietzsche in the beauty of the product created out of Dionysian principle and feel that the right mix of Apollonion and Dionysian will make the world much nobler, not in the luxurious sense but aesthetic one.

When compared to Kantian view of truth, it can be seen that going straight into finding an absolute naked truth may leave one unsastisfied with questions that remain unanswered.

What Nietzsche tried to create with his idea of the superman was human perfection, but what it actually created was fuel for evil in the world. Nietzsche believed that any pity felt for the less-abled only hindered the growth of the superman. Or do these schwabing [? What he did effects greatly in how Europe is today.

Mein Kampf James Murphy, Trans. Rather, an overman must accept his own nature and divert the energy of primitive impulses into a culturally, higher or socially more acceptable, activity. It starts with the idea that life is an eternal recurrence with no beginning and no end but a repetition of the very same life over and over again.

An overman should then be content with his own life and appreciate every bit of it even though some of them are painful and suffering.

However, it is usually the case that when the Apollonion principle mixes the Dionysian, it tends to suppress the Dionysian. This is the view that does not accept human limitation, that men are powerless and have no control but always places men on the top of everything.

Nietzsche accepted that Socrates did affect the history greatly, which is the characteristic that Nietzsche valued. Nietzsche believes that a balance of the two principles is essential in order to have some meanings in life. This also includes sexuality. Clearly, an overman is then someone who can, with appreciation, face life that may seem so suffering and absurd, knowing that the basic conditions of life will not change even when he is in the ideal state of an overman.

With all sufferings, unhappiness and misdeeds in life, one may feel cursed and despaired if he inevitably were to repeat the same life with the same pain and joy. For Nietzsche, there are only some capable and talented who qualifies to be an overman from his point of view. Nietzsche might or might not consider himself an overman but he surely determined to be a means or bridge who brings closer to reality an emergence of an overman.

Nietzsche's Superman

Napolean who is highly admired by Nietzsche may be seen as an example here since he changed and created orders in Europe. That means one must realise and accept his own Dionysian nature and use it appropriately. Friedrich Nietzsche developed his idea of the superman after many years of studying and teaching philosophy.

The superman is essentially his own society, determining his own values, finding his own happiness, and finding joy in being the one to control all of this himself. The concept then seems to reveal much about the way Nietzsche saw life.Essay about Faust, the Superman Before the Übermensch Theory - The protagonist in Goethe's Faust I is a controversial character.

Friedrich Nietzsche’s Influence on Hitler Essay

Doctor Faust's moral character is not clearly defined and as a result, it makes it difficult for one to determine if.

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Nietzsches Superman Essay Words 5 Pages Though when most people think of superheroes they think of the type with super powers, the original idea of the ‘superman’ was developed by Friedrich Nietzsche in the s. The essay is introduced with the Superman comic books that taught Alexie how to read.

He uses the repetition of “I cannot recall” to explain that he does not recall the exact details of what he read but the idea of reading. He then contrasts this by stating what he can remember – being “a Spokane Indian boy living with his family on the.

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