Questionnaire affect of branding on consumer purchase decision in fmcg product

There are marks that are made on the products that are important in distinguishing products from others of the same type Coomber, This will evaluate how different cultures influence, through their preferences, choices of names and slogans that are used to brand commodities.

This is because different companies use different combination of branding choices and technologies to come up with their own brands Klein and Barber, How do different cultures affect the choices of names, slogans or logos for a new product in the market?

Rationale The proposal is going to evaluate the causes and effects of branding and how they are fashioned. In branding, colors are very important Miletsky, and Smith, Some companies brand through use of logos, names and, or slogans Walker, This will be an evaluation of the types of features and styles a company may use to come up with a brand.

It evaluates all the impacts branding have on the way a customer chooses to make decisions. Branding options can be using a specific logo, name, slogan or a design that will differentiate products from of the same type from one or different companies Clifton, Simmons and Ahmad, This will call for monitoring of processes that can be used to improve the productivity of the company in different areas of branding Andrews, If the research is able to answer the questioned posed positively, therefore, the company that adopt the proposal will choose ways which can be used to facilitate the improvement of their branding techniques.

The research, therefore, will explore the world market to evaluate any close-usage of a similar logos or brand names for autonomous companies Healey, This is because they distinguish products when they are placed in the same shelf with other products.

The mode of evaluation of the effects of the different types brands in the current world market and evaluate the combination of aspects and how they have influence the customers.

Does a brand influence the cost of marketing activities in a company throughout time or for a period? These hypotheses are based on a generalization of ideas which will need to be substantiated by a research. At the end of the process of enquiry and interview and exploration of the various factors, a person who reads the outcome of the research should be able to answer some questions like; What are the most attractive branding features that can be used to create brand of a new product in the market?

There are various ways through which organizations use to attract their customers. The research will evaluate possibilities of autonomous companies to share a brand Simon, It is also noteworthy that brands cannot be shared across companies.

This implies that for a product to be accepted by customers, it has to impress them. Some hypotheses for this research include; The appearance of a packed product is the first attraction to customers Arthur, Colors of products important in choosing products in the market The features of a brand reflect the culture of the people in the market where that product is sold Kumar, Customer develop loyalty of products which interests them and attract other customers to buy products Product branding is a marketing tool of companies Theoretical Framework.

Companies choose considerably the different colors and designs they can use for branding. The proposal will evaluate the different significances placed on choice of branding symbols.

This will venture to determine whether companies producing similar product can use a single brand name and color or any other aspect of brand to brand their products.

On the contrary, if that research is unable to answer the above questions in an amicable way, the company will need to explore the causes of failure witnessed in the process of branding.

The research also will evaluate transferability of brands among companies. There are reasons why different companies use specific colors to represent their brands Bleicher, Some companies use quality, some others use names, color and still others use shapes of products.The Effect of Branding on Consumer Choice Original Research Report Dr Jane Leighton - Mountainview Learning the important role of branding on decision making as well as a robust scientific method for measuring these effects.

3. we will be able to reveal how branding works to guide purchase decisions. A company such as Levis is a good example to view the effectiveness of branding on consumer-purchase decisions. In addition purchases made at outlets, online purchases have been significant as purchases of are easily made and are believed to be considerably reliable.

How does branding affect consumers purchasing decision?. Project on Effect of Branding on Consumer Buying Decision. Consumer Behaviour Questionnaire on Chips purchase Rani Food Products Influence of price on customer’s purchase decision Influence of quality on customer’s purchase decision.

Influence of product availability on customer purchase decision.

A study Consumer purchase /5(17). ~AFFECT OF BRANDING ON.

CONSUMER PURCHASE DECISION IN FMCG GOODS AND DURABLE GOODS¨ INTRODUCTION What is a BRAND? Brand recognition and other reactions are created by the use oI the product or service and. for the first time but also family and friends effect is another crucial factor that affect the purchase decision (Baba, ).

brand equity has a positive impact on consumer purchase decision but brand satisfaction and experience has The research is conducted to investigate the effect of brand equity on consumer behavior in FMCG. Questionnaire Affect Of Branding On Consumer Purchase Decision In Clothing.

organisations. They studied that advertising plays a vital impact on consumer memory and behaviour. Moreover, it increases knowledge.

Questionnaire affect of branding on consumer purchase decision in fmcg product
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