Questionnaire on role of employees in rice mills of india

Exposures to dust in the agricultural fields and with increasing use of chemicals either as fertilizers or pesticides, agricultural workers are exposed to toxic hazards from these chemicals and particulate pollutants and thus face a multitude of health problems [ 29 ].

Among these 75 workers, These exposures occur during harvesting, processing or storing grains or other plant matter, or when the soil, plants or stables are treated with chemical agents such as pesticides and disinfectants.

The weak rains and unseasonable climate in India disrupted the paddy planting operations resulting in a significant decline in output by 2. In addition, employees completed a questionnaire regarding socio-demographic information age, duration of employment, occupation, smoking habit.

Analysis Chi-square test was applied to study the relationship between duration years of working and their morbid conditions. Abstract Objectives Lung function tests have become an integral part of assessment of pulmonary disease. India, a land of agriculture, has formed the scaffolding for many agro-based industries.

Received Aug 6; Accepted Feb The rice mill workers are having significantly higher absolute eosinophil counts, total IgE and ESR than control groups. The study was conducted in the month of October Methods A total of rice mill workers from three districts of Karnataka were included in this study.

Ocular features are, oedema of eye lids, congestion of conjunctiva and watering of eyes. However, it should be noted that most occupational exposures to airborne hazards can be greatly reduced or eliminated through engineering controls, such as improving ventilation, good work practices and use of personal protective equipment such as properly selected and maintained respirators.

The aim of the study is to investigate the impairment of lung function and prevalence of respiratory symptoms among the rice mill workers. Diseases of the respiratory system induced by occupational dusts are influenced by the type of dust and duration of exposure [ 2 ]. One-way ANOVA and post hoc analysis were used to determine the lung function values of the rice mill workers according to the duration of exposure.

The subjects were asked to take as deep a breath as possible and then to blow out as hard and as quickly as possible. Diseases of the respiratory system induced by occupational dusts are influenced by the duration of exposure.

Prevalence of respiratory symptoms and disorders among rice mill workers in India

Rice mill worker, Respiratory symptoms, Lung volume, Allergy Introduction The respiratory health effects have been documented in workers exposed to a variety of dusts in small- and large-scale industries, which generate dusts during their production process [ 1 ].

In respiratory system, chest expansion measurement and peak expiratory flow rate PEFR were recorded and detailed history of allergic rhinitis, cold, cough, tightness in the chest, difficulty in breathing, periodic cough and phlegm, and smoking habits was elicited. The best of three ratings was recorded.

Morbidity is common among the rice mill workers and their health is at risk. There are few reports which deal with exposure to airborne aflatoxin through inhalation [ 1617 ]. This condition can be prevented by good health education and appropriate usage of safety devices, and further studies are recommended.

Statistical analysis was done using Chi-square test. A pre-structured questionnaire was used to record the necessary information such as clinical history, sociodemographic profile, findings of clinical examination and performance of peak expiratory flow rate PEFR.

The complex inorganic fraction of this dust comes chiefly from the soil [ 10 ]. At present its turnover exceeds 3. It also showed that there was statistically significant relationship between duration years of working and respiratory morbid condition.

Subjects and methods Subjects The group of 46 males and 74 females workers occupationally exposed to dust from rice mills in 3 districts Davangere, Raichur and Bellary of Karnataka was included in the study.

In occupational respiratory diseases, spirometry is one of the most important diagnostic tools. Rice mills in India have not been fully modernized to ensure high milling recovery and reduce the percentage of broken rice. The MRC questionnaire has been tested in a variety of different conditions and has been shown to be a reproducible and accurate way of collecting such information.

Peak expiratory flow rate PEFR is an important parameter to measure that indicates resistance and severity of airflow obstruction and in the management of bronchial asthma. Definitions of respiratory symptoms Chest tightness Tightness or constriction of the chest occurring any time during the work shift and on any workday, without being worse.

Prior permission and ethical approval was also obtained from relevant authorities before commencement of the study. Before conducting the survey, a written permission on the project was obtained from Institutional Human Ethical Clearance Committee over the Indian Council of Medical Research Guidelines.

India heavily supports its rice farmers, who benefit from financial aid in purchasing fertilizer, fuel, and seed, and who are guaranteed a minimum support price MSP for their rice calculated to give them an adequate rate of return. Thus increasing the affordability of farmers to grow rice.

Morbidity patterns among rice mill workers: A cross sectional study

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Brown rice, in turn, contains bran which comprises the outer layer and the edible portion. LIST OF REGISTERED RICE MILLS / PROCESSING UNITS FOR EXPORT OF RICE TO USA 9As on date ) Sl.

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No. Registration No./ Date of Registration. (four hundred forty-two) sample rice mills were interviewed in the five States taken for the study, which consist of modern mills and traditional (huller) mills. role in the economy and daily existence of populations of developing countries representing both occupations and October to May The questionnaire for the about 50 employees working in rice mills.

Group 2. Control population selected from the offices. Reviews from Louisiana Rice Mill employees about Louisiana Rice Mill culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more/5(5).

Questionnaire on role of employees in rice mills of india
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