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I know now that Resonance project is there - always - that it is accessible and that it can emerge in all kinds of situations and among many kinds of people.

By day were stories of love, hope, and healing; by night, in the media, those of anguish, despair and vengeance. And still there are the stories of resonance.

I also know that it taps into greater sources of wisdom and intelligence than the individual and even the group can access alone. Now, for the first time in history, science and music, working together, have brought us to a new threshold of Resonance project And I want to invite others to come forward with their knowledge, their stories, and their willingness to participate in new ways of living and working together.

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What I hold is what I have learned about it through the 32 interviews and the themes that weave through them, informing us of what Collective Resonance is, what it can mean for our personal and collective growth, what transforms groups and how it can recur.

I began my research in September ofconcurrent with the September 11th events in New York City. I live near Manhattan, have worked in the twin towers, and have family and friends who were there that fateful day.

Amid the smoldering ruins of a way Resonance project life and the fear and anger that followed, I found myself deeply immersed in stories of Collective Resonance, the "magic" that transforms Resonance project and whole groups through access to greater sources of wisdom.

Its Resonance project is to further understanding of the connections between human beings - energetic, physical, and intuitive - and between them and larger forces leading to right action in the world. What did it feel like? Anger turned to war, vulnerability to defense and then offense, and people moved further and further away from each other.

We aim to create a Think-Tank organization that brings musicians and scientists together to address world issues. The Blog contains interviews with leading musicians of the world, discussing how they see a relationship between music and building a world at peace, or at least a world in which we learn how to listen and respond to each other with empathy and compassion.

I hope you will join us. It focuses on three areas - research, story, and practice - and is open to all who feel called to participate in expanding the ripples of resonance in their lives, their communities, and the world in which we live.

What shifted groups into resonance? What We Do describes some of the research work we are doing with leading neuroscientists. I know that it transcends the intellectual exchange of ideas to encompass intuition, the intelligence of the body, and the energetic space between people.

That youthful idealism needed to wait until this moment in time, when modern neuroscience would discover exactly how live music effects the brain, and how it can create the possibility for increased empathy. That is how I came to this work too. Add your email address to our list for future updates.

This is accomplished, quite simply, by having several minutes of live musical performance within the context of the negotiation or conflict resolution session itself. The Resonance Project is an effort to continue the search for more knowledge about Collective Resonance.

References gives examples, throughout history, of this type of project — from the Congress of Vienna to the Christmas Truce to the early conception of The Resonance Project Does it recur when remembering or telling others about it?

Join the Conversation invites you to participate. I had gotten approval from my dissertation committee to embark on the research which involved interviewing people who had experienced Collective Resonance and agreed to answer my questions about it - those similar to the ones above.

Was it something I had been yearning for or something that I already knew - deeply knew - in a way that resided within me, within my body and soul, and was waiting to be called forth?

And as my research came to an end and I began to surface the themes that define collective resonance - themes such as vulnerability, silence, story, truth, shared intention - the outside clamor grew worse. Learn just how this works by exploring our website: Our nonprofit organization is young and is mostly run by volunteer efforts, but we do pay musicians, pay a consultant, have office needs, and the like.

It felt like a connection to others and to myself, a total engagement that made me lose track of time, and a sense of palpable energy that moved all of us toward what we needed to accomplish.

My interviews began that September and continued through the next five months, the first five months after September 11th. It is vital to tap into these sources of connection at this point in human evolution because we are witnessing ever more clearly the breakdown of our more familiar efforts - debate, discussion, negotiation, and compromise.Resonance Gamez RPG Project.

Resonance Project. likes. Powerful, Dynamic, Uplifting, Atmospheric, Virtuosic, Progressive Melodic Rock from Perth, Western Australia. The Resonance Project Foundation is a very innovative concept and organization to explore the frontiers of unified field physics.

Haramein’s model is extremely important to consider as it describes the mechanism between gravity and information in the space-time manifold. The Resonance Science Foundation is dedicated to advancing the research and education of Unified Physics and the unification of all sciences in alignment with a.

The Resonance Project is an effort to continue the search for more knowledge about Collective Resonance. Its mission is to further understanding of the connections between human beings - energetic, physical, and intuitive - and between them and larger forces leading to right action in the world. The last year or so has been very busy for the scientists at the Resonance Science Foundation with new scientists joining the research group, having productive workshops, and learning and engaging with other scientists around the globe/5().

Resonance project
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