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On the other hand, the exemplary performance of Michael Sheen as Tony Blair can be attributed to his previous role of prime minister in the movie, The Deal, which was collaborated between him and Frears. In the midst of everything that is going on, the popularity of Prime minister, Tony Blair begins to rise among the public, as that of Queen Elizabeth goes down; in fact, the queen stephen frears essay help public demands that she abdicates her office for Blair to take over.

This is a show of just how failing to carry out proper death rituals for a loved one, for instance, keeping the death of a person private could tear apart the social fabric in the society. The husband to the Queen, Prince Phillip James Cromwelloccurs to me as so unfeeling and unsympathetic in the manner in which he states things that few people speak about aloud.

However, there is the Press Secretary to Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell and his wife, who plays the role of being the peoples voices, as they are seen showing their contempt for the pretentious and rude behavior of the royal family on how they handle the death of Princess Diana.

Indeed, the whole film is well scripted and performed, from Prince Charles classily handled and touching moment as he views the body of Prince Diana while in France, to other smaller for instance, the personal secretary of the royal family Robin Janvrin whose real name is Roger Allamall of which add up to make the entire film better.

This paper focuses on analyzing the movie, The Queen in light of the theme of mourning and rituals of death, including public and private mourning, the loss of a socially important person as we as the impact of a lack of a proper ritual.

This is a lesson to every one that despite the differences we may have with a departed person, we should accord them proper mourning and death rituals lest we risk tearing the social fabric between us and his or her loved ones. The Royal family is portrayed as one that is insensitive and callous as regards anything going on that does not concern them.

She is able to restrain and hold back her emotions, despite the grief that has befallen the royal family. The effects of refusing to conduct proper death ritual and mourning for Diana is evident when the Queen starts to loose her popularity when she constantly refuses to acknowledge her death.

Philip and other members of the royal family view such an invitation as a degrading submission to the public frenzy. This perfectly captures the appropriate nature of how the Queen is expected to behave in real life situation.

In a short while after the body of Diana is brought back from Paris by Prince Charles, we see the Queen retreating to Balmoral, even without saying a word. Her efforts finally pay off; she is able to gain back her popularity. The performance of Helen Mirren as the Queen of England is vividly outstanding.

This is evidenced in the way people started changing their views about the Queen, and wanted her to vacate her office. The extraordinary grief felt by the people following her demise shows just how much of a national and social hero and an important person she was and therefore, the greater trauma being felt by the people is justified.

Blair foresees the possibility of the monarchy being gravely hurt if not overthrown, if the Queen insists on adhering to the protocol of the royal family and as a result fails to give a statement about the death of Princess Diana.

While the Queen opts to maintain a private mourning for Princess Diana, pressure is mounted on her by the grieving fans of Diana and the media frenzy for the flag to be flown at half- mast in honor of the Buckingham palace, and to offer her a heroic mourning and funeral.

This is a gesture of their respect, sympathy and mourning for a social figure that was truly adored and loved by many. The Queen mum Sylvia, Syms on the other hand, seems out of reach and clueless about what is going own.The Queen, Directed by Stephen Frears Essay Words | 3 Pages. Director Stephen Frears chose, when filming this movie, to use traditional 35mm film for the scenes featuring the Royal Family.

The Queen A film directed by Stephen Frears in Written assignment: Write an essay ( words) in which you make a portrait of either Queen Elizabeth or Prime Minister Tony Blair, based on the way the character is depicted in the film. The Queen, Directed by Stephen Frears Essay The Queen and the Royal Family when adviced with these suggestions think it is absurd and stick to the traditional culture.

But soon realized that Britain has progressively modernalized.

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Films of the week: In Stephen Frears' magnificent The Queen, the ghost of Diana haunts the royals, while the killing of a good-time girl on the West Coast is the backdrop for De Palma's stylish. Leadership v.s Authority/ Adaptive Challenges v.s Technical Problems Essay Dissertation Help View the movieTh?e Queen () directed by Stephen Frears.

Write a page paper discussing the leadership and authority issues/challenges portrayed in.

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A film directed by Stephen Frears in I have chosen to portray Queen Elizabeth, and clarify the way she is presented in the movie. The Queen of England, the monarch, is the main character in the movie.

The queen stephen frears essay help
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