Unit 024 promote children and young person development

By being responsible for a small group of childrenthe key worker gets to know them and their family members well. The Specialist diabetic nurse advises on the care required. In some cultures, it is not acceptable for children to question what adults say or to have an opinion. If children are able to join in with their peers is develops their self confidence and friendships.

Listening to children and encouraging them to communicate and express themselves not only promotes their self esteem, confidence and learning; but it also contributes to keeping them safe from harm and abuse.

If English is their second or even third language as for one child I worked with last year it can be necessary to explain what the concept is in a different way. For example, if, from observing a child at play, inappropriate behaviour of a sexual nature was noticedit would be appropriate to involve the child protection team to investigate.

Observations are done as part of the daily routine. By being person centred, it allows children to access the curriculum at their own level rather than restricting learning opportunities. Central to all partnerships is the child who remains the priority.

Behaviour problems can often stem from the inability to express their needs. Open two-way communication is vital to make sure that knowledge and expertise is shared between partners.

By allowing children to take controlled risks we can increase their self esteem.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. There are safeguarding and welfare requirements which covers the steps which providers must take in order to keep children safe and promote their welfare.

Both partners have much to learn from one another and a great deal to share with each other. If children are involved in devising play opportunities or spaces they will be keener to play in them.

In our setting we have a dedicated Teaching Assistant for a diabetic child as she needs constant monitoring and help to manage her condition. The ongoing observations we do of children are formative assessments. Another example are health programmes which might measure height, weight, visual or auditory functioning.

A child who is physically disabled may need help to achieve certain targets, but they may be able to achieve them with some modifications. If they show signs of feeling under pressure or wish to go and play elsewhere it would be best to stop. A psychiatrist is a Doctor who is trained in mental health problems.development of the child or young person through eg individual learning plans, the role of observations, working with parents or carers, use of N – Specification – Edexcel Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s.

Education Index Unit Promote Child And Young Person Development. Unit Promote Child And Young Person Development Unit Promote children and young people’s positive behaviour Summarise the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour.

Unit Promote child and young person development Promote child and young person Development Children and young people need an environment which is most likely to promote effective and confident child development where they can experience and environment of mutual respect and trust and open communication.

`Unit Promote Child and Young Person Development Outcome 1 Be able to assess the development needs of children or young people and prepare a development plan. Unit Promote child and young person’s development When assessing development some factors need to be taken into account one of these is confidentiality, this means that you will need permission from a child’s parents/carers before doing observations, also when information is wrote down about a child is important that it is.

Worksheet. Item No. Unit – Promote Child and Young Person Development Outcome One. The Learner can – Assessment Criteria 1.

Promote Child And Young Person Development Essay Sample

Explain the factors that need to be taken into account.

Unit 024 promote children and young person development
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