Write an expression for the width of a rectangle

Can you explain the differences? Examples of Student Work at this Level The student: Could you have found the perimeter of this rectangle if you only knew its width? Can you simplify the first expression by combining like terms?

If you observe the table, then you can find that the area of the rectangle is greater than 18 only when the dimension of the rectangle is either 4 cm by 5 cm, or 5 cm by 4 cm.

Include an explanation of the rationale for writing expressions in equivalent form. The student cannot relate the expressions to specific aspects of the context of the problem. Questions Eliciting Thinking Why do you need to find the value of x?

Guide the student to give a justification for equivalence by referencing properties of operations e. Find the corresponding products, and then make a table of values. But, it is given that area of the rectangle has to be greater than 18 sq. Provide additional opportunities for the student to rewrite expressions in equivalent forms.

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Where did the numbers come from? Choose any of the two desirable dimensions. Then ask the student to find the length of the rectangle and explain his or her strategy. Questions Eliciting Thinking What do the numbers and variables represent in the second expression? Verify that the student understands the difference between mathematically equivalent and looks the same.

It has four sides, and also the opposite sides of a rectangle have the same length.

Questions Eliciting Thinking What does x represent in this problem? What is the result? Ask the student to describe what the expression indicates about using the width to calculate the perimeter.May 24,  · How to Find the Width of a Rectangle.

There are numerous ways to find a missing dimension of a rectangle, and the method you use will depend on what information you already have. wikiHow Account. No account yet? Create an account.

EXPLORE. Write the expression that describes the relationship between the length 42%(20). Solved: Write an expression that represents the width of a rectangle with length x+5 and area x^3+12x^2+47x+60 - Slader/5(1). Question Write an expression that represents the area of a rectangle given that the it is always length times width no matter what the length and width are.

So if your rectangle has a length of (x+3) and a width of (3x+4) then (surprise, surprise) its area is length times width. Jun 12,  · The length of a rectangle is six less than twice x; the width is two more than the product of four and x.

Rectangle Expressions

1. Write an expression which represents the length of the rectangle in terms of x. 2.

Find the length and width of a rectangle

Write an expression which represents the width of the rectangle in terms of x 3. Write an equation which represents the perimeter of the rectangle in Status: Resolved. Provide a value for x, the width of the rectangle, and have the student determine the perimeter using Brit’s and Abbey’s expressions.

Have the student explain which expression is preferred for this purpose and why. The perimeter for this one isn't too hard - you just write down the sum of all the sides.

Since we have a rectangle, you know that opposite sides are the same length, so an expression for the perimeter could be written as follows.

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Write an expression for the width of a rectangle
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